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Motion Youth Pastor, High School Pastor & Ministry Institute Dean of Students

Having grown up in the home of two incredible senior pastors, Jake was stirred at an early age with a heart for the house. At age 16 Jake chose to set himself apart from worldly desires and decided that he would give his life in a commitment to help others find Christ, as he continues to do today. Jake's biggest passion in life is seeing young people develop a relationship with Jesus for themselves and watching them be confident in their divine purpose. Jake is a well established young man of faith who has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Practical Ministries from Southeastern University. Jake and his wife Ashley enjoy spending their time together traveling and enjoying the sunshine. In his free time Jake enjoys staying fit while having fun playing sports such as golf and basketball.



Junior High Pastor -

It is known to all people who encounter Josh that he is a passionate man. Everything he does is done to the best of his ability because he truly believes that he is working for the Lord and not for man. Josh has been heavily involved with our youth ministry and has brought many students to the Lord. He now leads a thriving community group and each week the young men in this group dive deeper into the Lord's word together. Josh is a graduate of our Ministry Institute Program and completed three years as an intern. Josh is currently working towards his Bachelors degree in Ministerial Leadership from South Eastern University. In his free time, Josh enjoys working out and being active.

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Motion Youth Administrator -

Bre grew up in Puyallup, Washington where she attended Cascade Christian High School. Now, Bre is now attending South Eastern University in pursue of her bachelor's degree in Education. Bre has been attending Puyallup Foursquare since she was 11 years old and through out her years here, has grown a passion for youth. Bre coaches basketball at Cascade Christian High School and in her free time, enjoys hiking, taking her dogs for a walk and spending time her husband, Jake.



Motion Youth Technical Director -

David attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia where he developed a passion of creating an atmosphere of worship that draws people into the presence of God. David enjoys music, photography, snow boarding and spending time with is wife Maura and their two daughters.



Motion Youth Worship Pastor -

Zach grew up in Puyallup and attended Ministry Institute for three years where he fell in love with worship, music and his new wife Ashley. He has written and been featured many of our worship albums.